November 30, 2011

On Traveling with a Child

Before anything else, I think a short intro on why we are starting this blog is in order. 

My wife and I have always loved to travel. In 2009, we were blessed with the news that a little one was on the way just as I was preparing to take a job away from home. Most conventional wisdom (at least from the elders in my family) will advise against traveling abroad with kids, let alone living in another country with a new born. 

From where we come from, traveling is expensive and, until recently, only for those who can afford it. It was always deemed a waste of money to bring little kids and babies on trips abroad because "they won't remember a thing" and "they will not be able to appreciate it anyway". Of course, this hasn't even taken into account the "hassle" of traveling with a little one who will require constant attention and care and who will for all extensive purposes be oblivious to normally rigid travel itineraries and schedules.

And this brings us to this blog. Well, for starters, we decided to buck what we've been told and have since brought our little baby (and now energetic toddler) along on our trips. And we want to share what we've learned to others as we go along. We are by no means experts. We just thought this would be a fun way to remember our trips and maybe help other parents who want to take their little ones on trips too.

So, here goes.