August 29, 2014

Google's Project Wing

Google does it again! Now they are pushing the envelop in finding new ways to distribute goods using unmanned drones.

Coming from a developing country with over 7,100 islands, I can say that this type of technology will definitely have a positive impact. At the basic level, imagine delivering emergency relief goods to areas affected by natural calamities possibly hours just after the said calamity has left the area. With roads and airports possibly not usable after severe calamities, this technology will be life saving.

For SME's, this technology can be a cost-efficient way to get your products to customers quickly and efficiently to anywhere in the world compared with existing door-to-door delivery services. This technology can open up a new way to distribute goods around the world possibly cutting out middle men.

What an interesting time we live in. What was possibly considered science fiction just a few years ago are slowly becoming reality.