August 28, 2014

Is the iWatch Finally Here?

Invitations to their September 9 event were sent out yesterday by Apple to members of the press with the cryptic message "Wish we could say more" leading to speculation as to what they will be announcing.

Link to article from Forbes here
Plenty of people are expecting the announcement of the new iPhone 6 but quite a few are also speculating that Apple may finally be ready to unveil the much speculated and talked about Apple watch called "iWatch".

Apple filed a patent for a watch earlier this year fueling rumors that the release date was coming soon. Main competitor Samsung has already jumped the gun on wearable technology when it released its Galaxy Gear line last year. It can be argued though that wearable technology has not yet taken off beyond early adopters. Pricing (expensive accessory for a phone), practicality (short battery life) and design are just a few reasons why.

Let's remember that although Apple is considered by most to be quite innovative, most of its flagship products are actually gadgets that had already existed prior to Apple putting its fingerprints on the category.

Will Apple be able to work its magic once again? It's recent history would seem to tell us "yes".