August 26, 2014

Pope Francis, the CEO

I brought along the latest copy of Fortune while waiting in line at the US Embassy this morning and the cover story just so happened to be on Pope Francis.

Link to the original Fortune article here
Pope Francis has fascinated me since he became Pope in 2013. His charismatic and humble presence has renewed the faith of so many people. The article itself  talks mainly about how Pope Francis has changed the way the Vatican's finances are run. Like a great leader, he has led and inspired change within the Catholic Church. He has openly embraced and turned to outsiders and professionals instead of the traditional Church elites. He also does not micromanage them and instead has become a "inspirational leader".

The article also gives a sneak peak as to the top line finances of the Vatican: what the main sources of revenue are and the main expenses. Overall, it was a very interesting article and I hope it inspires many other leaders in the Church and in government (the Vatican is after all a city-state) to follow suit and become much more transparent and open. 

It appears that we have a great deal to learn from this man. Not just from a religious point of view, but also from a leadership point of view.