December 3, 2014

Donating via Tweets

While browsing through the web, I stumbled upon this short feature by Fast Company on a new way to donate to charities.

It simplifies the act of donating by allowing people to donating in two steps. Just click on the link on the tweet or retweet, enter your credit card details and donation made! It looks to be particularly appealing to a younger demographic who will likely donate more impulsively but in smaller amounts (say $5-$10). 

The company is called Charitweet and it is a for-profit organization that charges a 5.9% commission fee and a flat fee per transaction. 

I am curious to find out why Twitter themselves have not found a way to do this. They own the platform Charitweet uses and they already function as the world's real-time newsroom during natural calamities. Could they not have activated this as an additional function on Twitter? Why the need for a 3rd party company?

For Charitweet, I think it is a great idea and I think that even if they operate for profit, many non-profit organization will use this. It is after all a new way to raise money from a most likely previously untapped segment of society. The platform also allows people who may not have the time or will to participate in socially oriented activities to help others with just a simple tweet or retweet.

Link here to read more about Charitweet