February 20, 2015

YouTube finally releases a kid-friendly version

Most kids, my own kids included, spend time consuming YouTube. It's just how kids are today. They are tech savvy and YouTube is their version of regular TV. So, it's just about time that YouTube is finally releasing a kid-friendly version of their popular mobile app.

The kid friendly version will have original content of popular shows like "Sesame Street" as well as content from existing kid-friendly YouTube channels. This is great news for parents like myself who are always worried that their kids might stumble upon content on YouTube that is not kid-friendly.

The app will also have some security features, including a timer to limit the amount of time kids spend on the app. *great idea*

February 18, 2015

MBA Finish Line

There is less than one month to go before I officially end mg MBA experience. We are down to our last class and only two more weeks of VC's and forums. After which, there is one last week in Madrid to defend our final output (a business plan) and then graduation at the end of the week.

It has truly been a roller coaster ride. I am extremely humbled to have had classmates and colleagues who are coming from very varied backgrounds and geographical areas. I have learned so much from all the classes, both from the Professors and from my Classmates.

Link here to countdown

February 9, 2015

Google Glass

A few weeks ago, it was mentioned in class that Google had pulled the plug on it's Google Glass project. A few days ago, I saw this article in BBC and it appears that the project is not entirely dead.

Photo taken from Wikipedia
Apparently, the project is being folded in to the division of Google that handles Nest (under the leadership of Mr Tony Fadell). I think this is a good sign for the project and a clear indication that Google is actually looking at more practical uses for the technology.

February 5, 2015

The latest craze from Korea?

Here is an article from BBC talking about quite possibly the latest internet craze. It's very popular now in Korea and it is common knowledge that Koreans are normally ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.

Lee Chang-hyun
Photo taken from BBC.com
The craze is called "mukbang" and it involves personalities eating their food in front of a webcam for their followers to view. The follower gets to chat with the personalities live and the personality will respond in real time.