February 9, 2015

Google Glass

A few weeks ago, it was mentioned in class that Google had pulled the plug on it's Google Glass project. A few days ago, I saw this article in BBC and it appears that the project is not entirely dead.

Photo taken from Wikipedia
Apparently, the project is being folded in to the division of Google that handles Nest (under the leadership of Mr Tony Fadell). I think this is a good sign for the project and a clear indication that Google is actually looking at more practical uses for the technology.

As I looked around the net for reasons why the project seemed to have been pulled, many people pointed to the reason that Google Glass just wasn't very practical and useful. Folding it into Nest, the division that is developing smart appliances, is a signal that we may next find Google Glass technology incorporated into everyday household appliances.

I think it's a natural progression that the once very public Google Glass project is moving into the commercialization phase under much more privacy. However and whatever use it may eventually find within Google, it is probably something that they want to keep secret for now so as to keep an advantage over competition. There are some projects that you develop in public for the prestige and PR coverage (Google Glass you can say was one such project) but often it is advisable to develop products in private, away from the public eye.

I look forward to seeing how Google Glass gets reincarnated. I have no doubt that Google and Mr Fadell will find a way to make Google Glass cool again. It might take several years or it might take just several months. Who knows for sure, but you can bet is that many people will be curious to find out and that Google Glass lives to fight another day.

How about you, how and when do you think Google Glass will resurface?

Link here to the original article from BBC