February 5, 2015

The latest craze from Korea?

Here is an article from BBC talking about quite possibly the latest internet craze. It's very popular now in Korea and it is common knowledge that Koreans are normally ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.

Lee Chang-hyun
Photo taken from BBC.com
The craze is called "mukbang" and it involves personalities eating their food in front of a webcam for their followers to view. The follower gets to chat with the personalities live and the personality will respond in real time.

I can see this becoming quite popular here in the Philippines. Already, people follow local celebrities on Instagram and Twitter to get a glimpse into their everyday lives. Imagine being able to have a meal with them every night? Also, trends from Korea are generally very well accepted here with Korean celebrities endorsing local products and Korean shows being dubbed in Tagalog. This leads me to my next question...I wonder why no one has done this yet here?

Link here to the original article from BBC