April 22, 2015

Facebook news feed: friends over pages

Simplified explanation of Facebook's algorithm by Tech Crunch

Latest news from Tech Crunch talks about how Facebook is changing the configuration of its news feed to prioritize your friends over branded pages. Probably not the best news for brands and branded Facebook pages but completely welcome news for users.

This has truly made Facebook a "pay to play" arena for brands. And this is making it more and more expensive to participate as more and more brands come in to take a slice of the pie. Hopefully, by improving the news feed, users get a better user experience, leading to increased time spent on the site. This will then give brands an increased window to talk to consumers. In theory, this new development combined with Facebook's always improving targeting functions will give advertisers and brands a better quality audience.

For now though, we have to test, learn and validate if these changes will indeed work.