June 27, 2015

Robot cars!


It's in the news that two robot cars had a chance meeting on the road in the US. A while back, my IE group mates and I thought that the topic of robot cars, specifically Google Cars, would make a great final paper for our Business Government and Society class.

Many cars manufacturers have been incorporating computers into our cars for some time now. From computers that track fuel efficiency and temperature to those that can now self-park your car. Many people think that it is this type of incremental innovation that will eventually be the future of robot cars.

June 16, 2015

P&G continues to divest

P&G continues it's strategy to divest slower growth portions of its portfolio with the announcement that Coty has submitted the highest bid for part of P&G's beauty portfolio.

The deal will still have to be finalized but the assets will be spun off into a new company, with P&G still owning some portion of the new company to lessen the tax bill for P&G.

June 8, 2015

Last Day of Summer

And because today is officially the last day of summer for my little boy, this video seems appropriate for the occasion. They have been plugging this special Phineas and Ferb episode on Disney Channel for a few days now and it has been announced that the show is officially ending.

June 3, 2015

Interesting News This Week

As I have been missing in action for two weeks, instead of focusing on just one topic, I have listed below some things that have caught my attention the past few days:

1. FIFA's latest scandal
Somehow FIFA continues to let down millions of football fans by being corrupt and selfish. Good news is that Mr. Blatter has just resigned. Millions of people got their Christmas present early this year. The video by John Oliver above is a must watch in my opinion. This John Oliver guy is funny.