September 29, 2015

The Farm at San Benito

Spent the past weekend at The Farm at San Benito and I am writing here to share our experience. It was our first time to visit so we didn't quite know what to expect. 


The drive up was easy enough via SLEX and Star Tollway. The Farm was about 30 mins from Lipa City. We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived how beautiful the grounds of the resort were. The resort itself it tucked away behind some local farms and is situated in what appeared to be a small patch of jungle. Not to worry though, the road to the resort had visible signs to point the way.

Beautifully manicured grounds of The Farm


We booked a Garden Villa because we made the visit with our two kids. We were told that the kids might not enjoy as The Farm is known for their health and healing programs. When we arrived, we were given an overview of the activities that were available for both adults and kids. All activities are free of charge and are already part of the price paid per head.

The Garden Villa, while pricey, was very spacious. We had our own private garden and veranda up front with the outdoor shower and bathtub situated at the back of the villa. The kids really enjoyed the extra space that the villa provided.


We spent our first afternoon doing some activities for the kids. We went fishing and duck feeding, played at the playground and even found time to squeeze in a quick swim while having some afternoon tea.

Fishing dock
The next day, my wife and I enjoyed some of the adult activities. We participated in the Yoga class and took a swim at the adult only pool which was found at the healing sanctuary. We also took a quick dip at the waterfalls but the water was too cold to stay and swim.

In the afternoon, we also accompanied the kids to join the origami class where they were shown how to weave a mat and ball made out of leaves. 

Some other activities for adults included Tai Chi and guided walking tours. Some other activities for kids included vegetable picking and soap making.


The resort has a strict no junk food policy and there is only one food outlet in the entire resort. The food served is strictly vegetarian and even kids meals are of the healthy variety. Surprisingly, the kids enjoyed the food, in particular they liked the Filipino sweet style pasta and pineapple fried rice.

Breakfast is included in the package and there is a set menu that included this yummy granola mix with coconut milk.

Granola mix with fresh fruits and coconut milk
We chose to have our dinner in our villa for both nights of our stay so that the kids didn't have to walk at night and risk getting bitten by mosquitoes. Plus, we were just too comfy in our villa.

Other sights

We made sure to spend some time walking the ground of The Farm with the kids. We were pleasantly surprised that the place is very well maintained. There are small animals like ducks, geese and peacocks that are allowed to walk the ground freely. The kids really enjoyed looking for these animals.

Peacock spotted eating some flowers

The paths are also easily identified and all paths are connected so its easy to walk around, relax and get lost in reflection. It also makes the place an idea one for doing some light jogging or brisk walking. There are plenty of benches and areas to rest along the paths too for those who just want to sit back and enjoy the view.

Path leading to a resting area

Overall, we really enjoyed our stay at The Farm. The staff was really attentive and helpful and because there were only a handful of guests checked-in, even during a long weekend, the level of privacy was something I had not experienced in other local resorts. We will definitely be back with the kids in the future.