October 23, 2015

AlDub's Big Moment

If you think AlDub can't get any bigger than they are now you are probably wrong.

Photo credit: Tahonews.com

October 15, 2015

Playing the stock market

Photo credit: www.cookerlypr.com

It's been a rough few weeks and months for those who like to "play" the stock market. With the volatility in China affecting most of the major markets, it's a good time to discuss some of the basic questions that everyday folks might have.

Question 1: When is it time to sell?

This is a question that in my opinion has no right or wrong answer. The answer basically boils down to your strategy as an investor. The stock market works in such a way that gains and losses are not realized until you give the order to sell. This is called "paper profit" or "paper loss".