October 23, 2015

AlDub's Big Moment

If you think AlDub can't get any bigger than they are now you are probably wrong.

Photo credit: Tahonews.com
I have been watching and monitoring this phenomenon from afar for a few weeks. The past two weeks, I took an even more in depth look into it as part of my job as a media planner.

From a purely media standpoint, this looks every bit the real deal because of the following:
  • The jump in ratings has been sustained. We normally look at past 13 weeks (a full season) and last 4 weeks and for both periods, the ratings for Eat Bulaga and the Juan For All segment (of which Kalye Serye falls under) has gone up. For now, ratings have held and will likely do so as long as EB's creative team continues to churn out compelling story lines.
  • Sponsors continue to jump in. Contrary to what people might think, sponsors are an important part of a program's "success" equation. Sponsors bring in the revenue which, along with fan support in the form of ratings and reach, fuels production.
  • AlDub's popularity has translated into successful endorsements. I don't have any specific business results since I don't handle any of the brands that have gotten the pair as an endorser. But judging just by the growing number and high caliber of brands that have sponsored the duo speaks a lot.
Today marks another high point in the AlDub story as Eat Bulaga mounts a special event, #AlDubEBTamangPanahon, to be aired without any commercial breaks no less, in the largest arena in the country. It's a big moment not just for AlDub but arguably for Philippine TV as a whole.

I look forward to see what is in store today and what happens next and I hope to write more about it in the future as this is a great case study in programming and content development, power of fandoms and the integration of offline and online executions.