February 18, 2016

Book Reflection: The Art of Thinking Clearly

I bought this book, written by Rolf Dobelli, on a whim while browsing in a book store waiting for my wife. The subject matter looked interesting and the praise for the book was convincing. 

Mr Dobelli would have likely detested my purchase decision, since it was rather impulsive and made purely based on praise that was clearly put on the book cover to sell the very same book it praises!

The book is ninety-nine chapters long with each chapter no longer than three pages, making it quite easy to read and consume. Alas, because of this - the bite sized nature of the chapters - it took me much longer to finish reading this book than it would normally take me to read a book of similar length. Maybe because it gave me a false sense of fulfillment completing a few chapters a day when in reality I had read no more than a couple of pages.

February 8, 2016

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!

In the Philippines, Christmas is the big holiday when we all go out to meet with family and friends. There are lots of gatherings and reunions and many take extended holidays. It was only in recent years that CNY was officially celebrated with a public holiday.

For people of Chinese descent, CNY is the biggest holiday of the year. I remember when I was living in Singapore, people would take the entire week off to ensure they had enough time to visit family and friends.

Cheers to everyone celebrating and a prosperous new year to everyone!