November 17, 2016

Case Study Analysis: Southfield Packaging

I've decided to share some of the individual work I did to complete my MBA from IE Business School. Below is the paper I submitted for our Human Resource Management class in response to the Harvard Business School Case Study Southfield Packaging.

The Context

Southfield had always differentiated itself by focusing on custom packing and cushioning for its Clients. Because of this, client service has always been a key component of their strategy with their industry leading 60% annual client retention rate, 25% higher than industry average.

The two central characters in the Southfield Packaging case find themselves in a special situation during the time that the case is written. On the surface, it appears that both men are aligned in their goal to do what is best for the growth of the company, however, a gap can be seen between the two men in how they think this can be best achieved.