March 22, 2017

Book Reflection: Creativity, Inc by Amy Wallace and Ed Catmull

I got this book as a Christmas present last December and I took my time reading it since I'm quite familiar with the corporate history of Pixar having previously read the book "The Pixar Touch: The Making of a Company" by David A. Price.

Pixar is one of my favorite companies. I love the story of how they started out as a hardware company but ended up as one of the most success movie companies in recent history.

I love how their history and development involved with both Lucasfilm and Steve Jobs.

Oh, and of course, we all love their movies.

Being written by one of the founders of Pixar, this book actually delves a lot deeper than just a narration of the corporate history and development of Pixar. There are genuine insights found in the pages of the book. It is a true inside look at how Pixar has managed to remain true to their original vision and values despite a changing landscape and rapid growth.

Creativity, Inc by Amy Wallace and Ed Catmull